Airsoft Warhead is a online U.S. based retailer of custom airsoft guns and parts. The company was formed in mid 2012 by several airsoft gun company owners and enthusiasts who agreed to share the specialized services each member/owner brought to the table.  Our airsoft gun group partners, test, evaluate and report past and present airsoft gun and airsoft upgrade products and performance life. After more than 2 decades of combined airsoft gun company and brand, testing and evaluating, we have begun marrying the best airsoft gun models with the best internal airsoft gun parts, suited for our customers specific use. Example: We know through years of testing and trials that very few models of off the shelf airsoft guns can stand up to the harsh demands of a professional training environment. Through years of direct customer feedback and continued new airsoft gun model reviews and assessments from our retail airsoft gun and airsoft field partners, plus service records of broken airsoft gun assessments we gather from our airsoft gun repair service partners, we have started putting together our own catalog of custom airsoft guns and parts that have been field and bench tested over time to hold up in the most extreme conditions.